Filter media and elements

Filter media for liquid filtration

  • Rolls with different lengths and widths
  • Blanks on demand
  • Filter bags
  • Filter candles
  • Filter elements and filter cartridges for all established systems
  • Different materials (e.g. viskose, polypropylene, polyester)

Filter media for air filtration

  • Rough filtration mats G2-G4 made of synthetic (polyester) fibres or glass fibres
  • Fine filtration mats F5-F9 made of synthetic fibres, thermally bounded
  • Filter packs G2-F9 made of synthetic fibres
  • Roller-tape filters for all established systems
  • Panel Filters G2-F9 made of glass or synthetic fibres with holding frames
  • Activated Coal Cartridges

Endless filter-bands

  • Filter-bands endless welded or with clipper-fastener
  • Double-layer materials
  • Edging on demand
  • Different materials (e.g. polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, fluor plastics)

Filter elements with slot sieves and perforated plates

  • Made of stainless steel
  • As flat sieves, filter drums or filter candles
  • Edging on demand